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Gold Subscription
Name, Case, Advanced Searches
Court Calendar
Case Track- email notification of Case filings
Display Case History
180 search per day ($1.00/search in excess of 180)
Purchase of CHIPS required to view document images

Recommended for but not limited to attorneys, bondsmen, media, title companies and data miners.

Silver Subscription
Name, Case, Advanced Searches
Court Calendar
Display Case History
135 search per day (1.50/search in excess of 135)
Purchase of CHIPS required to view document images

Recommended for but not limited to employers and companies that perform background checks.

Bronze Subscription
Name Searches
Court Calendar
Case and Advanced search will incur a $2.00 charge
90 search per day (2.00/search in excess of 90)
Purchase of CHIPS required to view document images

Recommended for but not limited to individuals and casual users.

Basic Access
Limited to 2 Name Searches per calendar day*
Court Calendar
Purchase of CHIPS required to view document images
Free of Charge

Perfect for browsers and lookers. Provides 2 name searches per day plus the ability to view court calendars and to view parties and attorneys associated with the case.

*Additional searches per day available through CHIPS or by upgrading to a subscription

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